About Fine Ceramics
(Advanced Ceramics)

About Fine Ceramics (Advanced Ceramics)


Ceramics are inorganic sintered products that are formed by shaping and firing the powder.
Ceramics can be divided into Old Ceramics and Fine Ceramics (Advanced Ceramics) depending on which raw materials are used and the manufacturing method. Old ceramics generally use natural raw materials such as clay, pottery stone, and silica feldspar. Fine Ceramics uses synthetic raw materials such as alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, and silicon nitride. Fine Ceramics drew its attention from the 1980s as a new material with infinite possibilities compared to industrial materials such as single crystals, metals, and plastics due to its excellent properties. Later, the technological evolution allowed Fine Ceramic products to play a significant role in various industries such as daily products, IT communications, and the aerospace industry. Fine Ceramics has become an indispensable primary industry for modern human society.

Functions and Applications of Fine Ceramics



Fine ceramics material・sub material

Oxide type alumina, zirconia, others
Non-oxide type silicon nitride, silicon carbide, others
Forming aid binder, lubricant, plasticizer, surfactant, others
Sintering aid magnesium oxide, boride, others

Fine Ceramics Products


We can provide equipment for manufacturing Fine Ceramics products, such as Powder Raw Material → Raw Material Processing → Material Molding → Sintering→ Finishing → Quality Inspection → Product → Subsidiary Materials.

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