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Fine Ceramics and
Equipment Engineering

For over 35 years, we have offered a wide variety of Made in Japan quality products and production equipment related to Fine Ceramics to overseas customers.





Our export business offers wide variety products and production equipment in Fine Ceramics field.

We offer a wide variety of Made in Japan quality products and production equipment related to Fine Ceramics to overseas customers.



We import natural graphite processed products, graphene, etc.

Natural graphite, which is widely used in battery materials, industrial products, refractory materials, and pencil leads, is supplied to Japanese customers through a partnership with a supplier that enables unified management and integrated production from mining to commercialization.



Tokyo Head Office

Name of Company Pacific Technology Corporation
Date of Establishment April, 1986
Head Office Location Sunhills 3F
5-40-16 Honcho,
Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0012
TEL (+81)3-5342-2555
FAX (+81)3-5342-2556
Management Representative Yasuhiro Yamanaka
Business Segments
  1. Planning, development, manufacture, sale and distribution of plant facilities related to Fine Ceramics.
  2. Planning, development, manufacture, sale and distribution of equipment related to Fine Ceramics.
  3. Sales of Fine Ceramics raw materials.
Correspondent Banks MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Access 3 minutes walk to our head office from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line "Nakano-Fujimicho Station".

Oversea branch・Taiwan affiliated company

Name of Company Dun-Tek Technology Corp.
Head Office Location 7FL. No.80 Sec.2 Chung Hsiao East Rd., Taipei, 100, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL +886-2-2397-5761
FAX +886-2-2397-5762
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株式会社太平洋テック 代表取締役 山中 康裕

Pacific Technology Corporation

President and Chief Executive Officer
Yasuhiro Yamanaka

The Better, The Best

Since our establishment as an engineering trading company for Chinese-speaking countries such as China and Taiwan, and other countries, we have been developing our business relationship with many overseas customers, focusing on equipment sales and technical services related to Fine Ceramic products over35 years.
In recent years, the innovation of science and nanotechnology represented by AI, wearable terminals, IoT, 3D printers, drones has been advancing daily. In contrast, the recent political trends prioritize one’s own country’s interests, and conservatives continue to retake the lead, threatening the economy.
We value the personal connections and credibility we have developed over many years, allowing us to accumulate experience and achievements. We take pride in "Made in Japan high-tech products" to help manufacturers and users in between every day.
Our mission is to continue contributing to the "global environment" and "world peace" with the motto of "The Better and The Best" through industrial technology.



Yasuhiro Yamanaka established Pacific Commerce and Industry Trading Co., Ltd. in Shinjuku, Tokyo, to export industrial equipment and chemical machinery to Taiwan.
Started raw material, manufacturing equipment, and technology business at the time of "Fine Ceramic boom". Launched Taiwan office.
Moved the head office to East-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku. Trading with China and South Korea started.
With the opening of the Beijing office, PTC developed the business centered around China.
Planned and sold optical connector parts and exhibited at the Beijing exhibition PT / EXPO.
Changed management policy from trading company activities to planning / development engineering business, and changed the corporate name to Pacific Technology Corporation.
Start importing business.
Full-scale entry into the optical communication field. Sold optical measuring devices along with the optical connector parts. Established Shanghai office. Exhibited at the Beijing Exhibition.
With the establishment of offices in Shenzhen and Wuhan, sales in optical connector parts and optical measuring devices expanded.
Exhibited at Shanghai China Elecomm.
With the Tokyo Summit "Declaration of the IT Era", optical communication industry trended upward.
Exhibited at Singapore Asia Comm.2000. Established Singapore Liaison Office.
To meet the global shortage of ferrules, PTC provided a consistent production line from ceramic ferrule tube production to precision processing for China and Taiwan.
Continued export of ferrule plants to Taiwan and China, exhibited at OFC in the US, CommunicAsia2002 in Singapore, and Interopt in Japan.
PTC to strengthen the sales of manufacturing equipment and raw materials for major ceramic electronic components such as MLCC, MLCI and CR. Established US office.
Completed construction of the 6th ferrule plant for Taiwan and China. Completed delivery of all plant exports.
Head office moved to Nakano-ku, Tokyo.
Started procurement of Chinese chemical machinery and contract work for local construction to meet the demand of factory construction by many Japanese companies entering Chinese market.



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