HIP-Hot Isostatic Pressing

AIP: American Isostatic Presses, Inc. is the most reliable company in the U.S. that installed over 200 systems worldwide from education to industry. Pacific Technology Corporation is the sole authorized distributor of AIP in Japan. 



  • AIP has never had any failure of any pressure system or subsystem. We believe AIP is the only HIP supplier with this unflawed history.
  • Temperatures to above 2300 degrees centigrade and pressures to 100,000 psi.
  • AIP has installed every system they have sold worldwide. These include many controlled sites such as the Army Research Center (owns 3 AIP systems), Naval Research Lab, BWXT Nuclear Fuels, British Nuclear Fuels (2 AIP systems), The Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organization (3 HIP systems with an additional system on order).
  • AIP systems are being used by many major corporations and laboratories including: Lockheed, GE, Kennametal, Heraeus, Babcock & Wilcox, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, etc.
  • AIP systems have been installed in many foreign countries including Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Korea, Israel, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Estonia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, India, Poland, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi, Arabia, etc.
  • AIP systems have been installed in many universities as well, including: The Ohio State University, Oregon, Florida, International, Standford, Colorado, Texas A&M, University of Oregon, Connecticut, University of Illinois, AMES Iowa, Wisconsin, etc.

AIP offers toll HIP for research and production with locations in OHIO. CLICK HERE for quotation or more information.




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